All In One

Inverter Integrated Directly onto the Motor

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All In One

Inverter Integrated Directly onto the Motor

All-in-one allows mounting directly on the motor, reducing overall dimensions and simplifying the assembly of pumping units. It’s an inverter designed to control both single pumps and pressure groups, with a maximum of eight pumps. It is available exclusively in the MT version for powers up to 8 Amps. Connection to the terminal block is made possible through a set of adapters, with the option to develop more if needed.

All-in-one automatically adjusts the pump speed based on water demand, reducing energy consumption and preserving the pump over time. It also offers benefits such as constant pressure as the flow varies and safe operation thanks to multiple integrated protections; it is also IP54 rated and air-cooled through the motor’s own ventilation.

There are two versions available: Standard for a single pump and Advanced for up to eight pumps, with master-slave and multi-master configurations. It is easy to install, with included and pre-wired cables and a transducer, featuring a 2-digit alphanumeric display and a 4-button keyboard. It also requires only three parameters for initial setup.

Designed for

Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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ALL-IN-ONE can be used in various water supply systems, including:

  • Domestic water supply: by regulating the speed of hydraulic pumps to ensure constant pressure in pipes and optimal operation of the water system.
  • Residential/condominium pressurization systems: ensuring constant water pressure, enhancing the water experience in homes and the efficiency of devices like showers, faucets, and heating systems.
  • Residential irrigation systems: controlling the hydraulic pumps of irrigation systems, distributing water evenly and optimizing resource use.
  • Rainwater collection and usage: regulating water flow for activities such as irrigation, vehicle washing, and domestic uses, making the most of this resource.

These are just some of the many possible applications.


  • Directly integratable inverter: All-in-One is an inverter that can be directly integrated onto the pump motors, simplifying installation.
  • Protections: ‘All-in-One includes advanced hydraulic and electrical protections, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Simple Installation: Direct mounting on the pump’s electrical terminal block simplifies installation. Power cables and pressure transducer are included and pre-wired.
  • Easy Management: The product features a two-digit alphanumeric display and a four-button keyboard for easy and intuitive interaction.
  • Compact: The dimensions of All-in-One are 21x23x12 cm and it weighs 3.3 kg.
  • Available Versions: The product is available in two versions: Standard for single pumps and Advanced for groups of up to eight pumps with master-slave and multi-master operation functionality.

Technical Specifications


Directly on the pump, air-cooled

Protection Degree



2-digit alphanumeric

Electrical Data

Inverter supply: single-phase 230Vac
Pump: Three-phase 230Vac (Imax 8A)

Operating temperature


Pressure Set Point

0.3-8 bars


Dry run, high/low supply voltage, Short-circuit, Overcurrent, Overtemperature, Insufficient pressure, Pressure sensor failure, Water hammer





2023 Version Manual.
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