The inverter that transforms traditional pool pumps into efficient variable speed systems.

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The inverter that transforms traditional pool pumps into efficient variable speed systems.

Pool pumps, for circulation and filtration, usually operate at a constant speed, regardless of the pool usage and water quality.

Hydropool is an inverter that transforms them into variable speed pumps, allowing the set up to four different speeds, time programmable and customizable. This brings significant benefits in terms of energy consumption, as well as improving the level of quietness. Additionally, it helps increase the overall lifespan of the pumps and ensures more effective filtration thanks to reduced water speeds.

Hydropool, available in single-phase and three-phase versions from 1.5HP to 15HP, is suitable for use in technical rooms as it is IP65 rating and equipped by an autonomous cooling with an internal fan. Hydropool includes advanced electrical and hydraulic protections too, ensuring reliability and extended pump life.

The programming of the four speeds can be managed with hourly, daily, and weekly options, both locally as well as via Wi-Fi connectivity and a WebApp for remote programming, monitoring and management.

Designed for

Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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  • Residential and Public Pools: Optimizes filtration and water circulation, significantly reducing operational costs.
  • Recreational Facilities: Controls water features and interactive elements in water parks.
  • Thermal Plants, Hotels, and Resorts: Manages water flow based on attendance, improving energy efficiency.
  • Wellness or SPA Centers: Adjusts the water flow for therapeutic or wellness purposes.
  • Water Parks: Controls artificial ponds and irrigation systems.
  • etc.


Wide Range: Single-phase, three-phase, and mono-three-phase versions from 2Hp to 15Hp are available.

Settings in total comfort: Thanks to the mobile App and Web App, hourly, daily, and weekly programming is possible. This programming can be done in two ways:

    • Remote: The device connects to a Wi-Fi network and, via a PC or tablet, remote programming access is possible.
    • Local: By connecting the smartphone to the Wi-Fi network generated by the device and using the MACLINK App, or directly from the device’s keyboard/display.

Consumption Monitoring: It’s possible to view instant consumption and historical savings in remote connection mode.
Backwashing: The function can be activated either from the keyboard or the App.

Advanced protections for pumps: The inverter incorporates beneficial electrical and hydraulic protections for the pump and system.

Technical Specifications


Air, equipped with internal fan


LCD 2×16

Protection degree


Max operating temperature



Overcurrent, abnormal voltage, dry running, pump short-circuit protection, blocked rotor, no-load, drive overtemperature.


40x26x19 cm



2023 Version Manual.
If needed, request the manual via the contact form providing
the serial number of the product.
Accessories: Wifi app


Installation Technician

Real-time control

Quick configuration

Historical data


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Email alerts

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