Quality Certifications

At Mac3, quality is not limited to just the production processes, it extends to all stakeholders, with a primary focus on our customers. Quality is not just a set of procedures at Mac3, but rather a way of life and a mindset that we continuously strive to improve in our employees. Our certifications are a testament to this approach, including various system and product certifications, as well as our comprehensive traceability system which allows us to track the raw materials, semifinished products, and operators involved in the production process for each product.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

System for quality management in the activities of design, production and after-sales service. Quality policy: to meet the customers’ needs and improve processes and organizational capabilities.

Product Certifications

  • ENEC Voluntary certification for products electrical products that demonstrate compliance with European safety standards
  • UL/CSA Attestation of conformity of products electrical or electronic products to safety standards for USA and Canada
  • ACS Certification guaranteeing the safe use of the product in drinking water
  • SASO Mandatory quality mark for Saudi Arabia
  • ATEX/IECEX Certification for the use of products in explosive environments
  • EMC Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products.

In support of these certifications, Mac3 relies on globally recognized third-party organizations such as TUV and IMQ


Our in-house laboratory, which is used for both the development of new products and the redesign of existing, it ensures control over the process from design to production. Our skilled staff’s expertise allows us to assist our customers in the creation of new projects and the resolution of specific issues.


The entire production process takes place within the factory, with careful testing at every stage. This includes testing starting from the input of materials to 100% testing of each finished product.

Sales and After-sales support

The customer is at the heart of our business. The objective of both our sales and after-sales team is to provide value to the customer by providing professional support throughout the entire life cycle of the product, including product selection, installation assistance, and troubleshooting application issues.

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