The advantageous electronic evolution
OF the mechanical pressure switch

Designed for



The advantageous electronic evolution
OF the mechanical pressure switch

PresSystem is a modern electronic control for single-phase pumps up to 2HP, conveniently replacing traditional electromechanical pressure switches.

PresSystem automates residential pressurization systems, starting and stopping the pump upon reaching set pressure values (range 0.6-8.0 bar in steps of 0.3 bar). The digital display allows easy setting of operating parameters and provides information on pressure and system status.

PresSystem offers protection from dry running, low pressure, and frequent startups, in addition to integration with other devices via an input command signal. Installation is simple as the product comes pre-assembled on a steel pipe, with an integrated pressure sensor and the possibility of self-learning on and off values.

The PresSystem COSφ variant offers instant protection against dry running, particularly advantageous for applications with submerged pumps.

Designed for

Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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  • Residential pressurization
  • Civil water systems
  • Gardening


  • Electronic Evolution of the Mechanical Pressure Switch: PresSystem is an advanced electronic control that replaces traditional electromechanical pressure switches, offering more advanced features.
  • Precise and Automatic Start-up: Electronically detects the pressure drop in the system and starts the pump when a user is opened, ensuring comfortable water flow management.
  • Custom Parameter Setting: Users can easily set the start and stop values of the pump via the digital display, in the range from 0.6 to 8.0 bar, adapting to system circumstances.
  • Multiple Protections: Offers protection against dry running, low pressure, and frequent startups, enhancing system longevity and safety.
  • Integration with Other Systems: PresSystem can be integrated with other devices or control systems using input command signals, such as level signals.
  • COSφ Variant for Sensitive Pumps: The PresSystem COSφ variant provides reactive protection against dry running and is suitable for submerged pumps, which are notably particularly sensitive to dry operation.
  • Simple Installation: It comes pre-assembled on a threaded steel pipe with an integrated electronic pressure sensor. It also offers a manual mode for custom settings.
  • Digital Display: The digital display provides real-time information on pressure and system status.
  • Multiple Applications: Suitable for residential pressurization, civil water systems, and gardening.

Technical Specifications

Max. Pump current

12 Ampere (2HP)


On piping

Hydraulic connections

1″M x 1″M

Protection level


Operating temperature

5°C ÷ 50°C

Restart Pressure

0.6 – 7 bar

Differential pressure

min 0,3 bar


17x23x8,2 cm


1,1 kg

Amperometric Protection

adjustable from 1-12A

no pressure drop

thanks to unobstructed water flow

Auxiliary input

no.1 (example for float)

  • Dry running
  • Dry running COSφ (COSφ version)
  • Too frequent startups
  • Low level (requires connection to an external float)
  • Insufficient pressure
  • Overcurrent (COSφ version)

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