All the advantages of a-much faster- ball float valve.

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All the advantages of a-much faster- ball float valve.

QuickStop ball float valve is a modern and cost-effective alternative to traditional ball float valves. Unlike standard valves with gradual openings and closures, QuickStop uses a patented mechanism that allows instant opening and closing, addressing common issues such as leaks, dripping noises, and energy waste.

An important advantage is the reduction of pump start and stop cycles, preventing pump motor overheating and reducing overall energy costs. QuickStop is suitable for storage tanks, cisterns, livestock waterers, etc., and is available in various sizes from 3/8″ to 1 1/2″ and in two versions: Standard and Advanced, with the advanced version featuring level adjustment possibilty.

It is suitable for both gravity-fed systems and pump systems. Installation is simple thanks to the integrated 3-piece joint, while the sturdy non-toxic polycarbonate construction ensures long-lasting durability and total compatibility with drinking water.

Designed for

Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications where it is necessary to control the level of liquids accurately and reliably. Its main application is to maintain the liquid level inside a tank within certain predefined limits, some of the main applications are:

  • Tanks, storage basins, or irrigation systems. When the water level falls below a certain threshold, the float drops and the tap opens to allow the water supply.
  • When the level reaches the maximum threshold, the float rises and the tap closes to interrupt the flow. In many industrial processes, it is necessary to maintain a constant liquid level inside a tank or basin.
  • Alarm systems: Float taps can also be used as alarm devices. When the liquid level exceeds or falls below a certain threshold, the float triggers a switch that can activate a visual or audible alarm to signal an anomaly or an emergency condition. Water treatment plants: In water treatment applications, such as pumping stations or purification systems, float taps can be used to control the water flow based on the desired level. This helps to ensure that water treatment processes are managed efficiently and that levels are maintained within specified limits.




  • QuickStop (thanks to the patented system) instantly switches from completely open to completely closed.
  • It avoids splashes and noise… compared to a water flow managed by a valve that opens and closes progressively.
  • Economical and ecological: the system’s efficiency and operating costs are reduced because the pump does not work at full power when a low volume of water is dispensed through a partially closed valve.
  • High water flow (up to 17m3/h), Versatile: Wide range of flow rate, pressure, environment, and length, adjustable lever and angle fit most installations.

Technical Specifications

Operating Temp

0°C ÷ + 50°C


10 bar

Operating Pressure

0,2-6 bar

Non-toxic polycarbonate
Dimensions and colors

240x80x50 mm (mod. 3/8″, ½”) White color
350x150x70 (mod. ¾” -> 1 ½”) Black color


BSP (mod. 3/8″ -> 1 ½”)
NPT (mod. ¾” -> 1 ½”)

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