MAXIMIZE THE USE OF Rainwater Usage and
reduce dependence on drinking water sources.

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MAXIMIZE THE USE OF Rainwater Usage and
reduce dependence on drinking water sources.

Raincontrol LCD Special is an electronic control unit designed for DIN rail installation, purpose-built to manage and optimize rainwater usage in situations where the use of drinking water is not essential. It achieves this by continuously monitoring the water level in the rainwater collection tank with a highly sensitive pressure sensor, automatically switching between rainwater and tap water to minimize wastage of potable water.

This versatile unit offers various operational modes, including AUTO, LOW, HIGH, MANUAL, DISPLAY, PROTECT, FRESH, and TIMER. Users can customize settings, set thresholds for low and high water levels, enable manual control, adjust LCD display preferences, implement password protection, and more. All these features are geared towards encouraging the efficient utilization of precious water resources.

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Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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RAINCONTROL LCD Special has various applications in different fields:

  • Residential and Commercial Construction: For garden irrigation, car washing, and other activities that do not require drinking water.
  • Agriculture: For optimizing crop irrigation.
  • Sustainable Buildings: Within eco-friendly buildings to manage rainwater.
  • Golf Courses and Green Spaces: For the irrigation of fields and green areas.
  • Recreational Centers and Public Institutions: For irrigation and non-essential uses.
  • General Water Savings: In any context to reduce the use of drinking water.

The goal is to save drinking water and efficiently utilize rainwater.


  • Automatic Rainwater Control: The device automates the use of rainwater, switching automatically from rainwater to the main water supply when necessary.
  • Water Level Monitoring: The device constantly monitors water levels in rainwater recovery tanks to ensure they are at an adequate level.
  • Various Operating Modes: It offers various operating modes such as AUTO, LOW, HIGH, MANUAL, DISPLAY, PROTECT, FRESH, and TIMER to meet different needs.
  • Protection and Manual Control: It has a protection mode to prevent unauthorized access to settings. It also includes a manual mode to manually activate the water supply.
  • Software Integration: It can be connected to a computer via an RS232 serial port for data monitoring and display through a PC.
  • Contribution to Sustainability: It contributes to making the use of water resources more sustainable by reducing dependence on drinking water for non-potable purposes.

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