Accurate Level Measurement, precise to the Centimeter.

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Accurate Level Measurement, precise to the Centimeter.

Sensopress LCD converts the signal from a piezoresistive pressure sensor immersed in liquid into precise centimeter-level measurements. This enables the accurate management of liquid levels.
It can control pumps and valves for filling, emptying, and level regulation using a single sensor, eliminating the need for moving mechanical components. Consequently, there’s no longer a need to adjust floats or sensors at different heights in the tank. Level settings and functions can be precisely configured from the control panel.
Sensopress LCD is suitable for water and food liquids and can be combined with other sensors for various liquids. It comes in both single and multi-channel models. The single model controls an external device, while the multi-channel version offers four independent overlapping outputs.
Designed to be mountable on a DIN rail, Sensopress LCD is a reliable and accurate solution suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.

Designed for

Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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The main applications of Sensopress are:

  • Drinking water: Sensopress LCD can be used for measuring and controlling the level in sandy drinking waters. Thanks to the sensitive pressure sensor, it can accurately detect the water level and activate a relay based on the set level thresholds.
  • Liquid food products: Sensopress LCD can also be used in applications involving liquid food products. For instance, it can be employed to monitor the level of liquids such as oil, milk, fruit juices, etc. It ensures accurate level measurement and the ability to activate relays as needed.
  • Muddy water and corrosive liquids: With appropriate system solutions, Sensopress LCD can also be used in muddy water and corrosive liquids. Necessary precautions must be taken to protect the device from corrosive agents present in the environment.


  • Large LCD which provides an intuitive interface to display all information related to the device.
  • Three function keys allow the user to easily interact and change the required parameters.
  • Thanks to the multi-channel version of Sensopress LCD, it is possible to manage the activation of 4 relays using a single sensor, setting 4 different differential thresholds according to user preferences.
  • Ability to establish intervention points where a relay can be activated or deactivated (up to 4 in the multi-channel version). In this way, power equipment such as pumps or motors, as well as signaling devices like lights or alarms, can be efficiently controlled, as long as they are compatible with the relay features present in the device.

Technical Specifications


105x90x73 mm


DIN Rail (EN50022)



Power Supply

230Vac 50-60Hz (117Vac 50 – 60Hz)

Measurement Range

0 ÷ 9 m H2O


5,5 VA

Output Relay

Sensopress mono:n°1(10A 250 V~)

Sensopress multi: n°1(10A 250 V~)+n°3 (2A 250 V~)

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