E-Fly by Mac3: The Gold Standard in Durable and Reliable Float Switches

Since the 1980s, Mac3’s float switches have set the bar in the water management industry. Their defining feature? Safety and reliability, thanks to the production technique. The sealing technique developed by Dr. Ronchi is still used globally today, and the company continues to uphold the highest standards in industrial processes and product reliability.

Mac3 is known for the excellent quality of its products, such as the tilt float switches for sewage-laden waters. These switches are integral components for the pump control panels in lift stations.

The E-FLy float switch: one of the top players on the market

Over the years, Mac3’s research and development efforts have continuously expanded and improved their product line.
If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-performing product that excels under challenging conditions, among the numerous options available on the market, the Mac3 E-Fly model should be your go-to choice. This tilt float switch stands out from its peers, offering various additional advantages compared to traditional switches.

Mac3 E-Fly is a float switch designed for use in dirty or turbulent wastewater. The integrated counterweight, its body shape and the weight of the body itself ensure effective operation even in waters with solids, surface grease, wastewater, or animal liquid feeds.

One key aspect to consider when purchasing the Mac3 E-Fly is its innovative use of gold in plating the contacts on the microswitch.
This particular choice guarantees the device’s flawless operation even in low-voltage applications.

E-fly tilt float swtich for turbulent waters with gold-plated microswitch contacts

Why the Microswitch Contacts Are Gold-Plated

The contact of a microswitch wears out due to micro-vaporization at each opening and closing cycle, leading to wear proportional to the electric arc’s intensity and duration.

While pure or alloyed silver is commonly used for its excellent electrical conductivity that provides a very low contact resistance, it has a downside – it oxidizes over time, forming a non-conductive thin layer of silver oxide.

This isn’t an issue with common household voltages, but in low-voltage scenarios, as in the case of a pump control panel, the electric arc isn’t strong enough to vaporize this layer.

The solution lies in a thin layer of gold (or “gold flash”) that coats the contacts, protecting them, especially in humid conditions, which level switches are generally subject to. This is why the Mac3 E-Fly tilt float switch features gold-plated contacts.

In summary, if you are looking for a top-quality, resilient product able to withstand the toughest conditions and ensure service continuity while minimizing malfunctions, Mac3 E-Fly tilt float switch is the solution you were searching for.

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