Mac3: Trust Matters

Five years ago, we lost Mirian Ronchi, fondly known to all of us as ‘the Doctor’.

A determined man with a clear vision, he founded Mac3, which is now recognized as a synonym for control, protection, and efficiency of water systems. And it all started with the famous yellow and blue float switch.

When he started the business, 43 years ago, Mirian embodied the values that Mac3 has preserved over the years: innovation, efficiency, integrity, and social responsibility.

These values have not only significantly influenced the company’s success but they have also touched the lives of employees, clients, and partners: the people with whom he established, above all, genuine, human and respectful relationships.

These are the values that his daughter Maurizia and her husband Nicola have embraced and decided to carry forward, adapting them to an increasingly complex, uncertain, and fast-paced environment.
They have done so through a pandemic, two wars, and skyrocketing prices of often unavailable raw materials.
They have done so by introducing projects that improve manufacturing efficiency, embracing modern production systems, and optimizing the product portfolio. The evolved organizational model has helped to further improve the quality and reliability of the products and solidified relationships with all the stakeholders.

Accomplishments soon followed, complemented by trust and recognition received from inside and outside the company.
This is because every business decision at Mac3 is guided by the founding values, ensuring operations are always conducted with integrity and responsibility.

Towards the future: the Mac3 team, Maurizia, Nicola, and their son Andrea, at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2024

As the third generation is starting to step in, Maurizia and Nicola are working with the Management Team to reinforce the company culture as a driver of innovation. From the development of environmentally sustainable products to strategic partnerships for international expansion and significant investments in training and leadership development, all these efforts allow employees to further expand their expertise and find greater satisfaction in their work.

In the words of Marty Rubin, “The deep roots never doubt Spring will come.”  This is the most important legacy that Mirian Ronchi, ‘the Doctor’, left us.
These roots can only grow in fertile soil of values, skills, and most importantly, trust.

Because Trust Matters.

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