Training in Mac3: fundamental for float switch manufacturing

With a rich 40-year history in the hydraulic sector, Mac3 has made its mark as an efficient and reliable float switch manufacturer. We specialize in producing and designing level controls for liquids for the water management sector, but our journey is deeply embedded in strong family values.

Over the last few years, we’ve embraced innovation and growth, a commitment that allowed us to blend established business practices with modern strategies. This approached helped us further strengthen our role as a key technological partner and manufacturers of float switches for pumps.

Recently, Mac3 has made a commitment to its employees: training has become a fundamental part of our company’s evolution and we have invested in specialized courses meant to develop professional, relational, and methodological skills.

Training: the heart of growth

Over the last few years, on-the-job education has become a central element of Mac3’s growth strategy, and we are invested in strengthening the managerial and technical skills of our team. We’ve implemented various initiatives including the integration of managerial roles, the launch of an intensive six-month course at Il Sole 24 Ore’s Master Business School for the management team, followed by on-the-job training with a family business specialist. These steps have helped to clearly define Mac3’s vision and mission, creating a more cohesive executive team that is entirely aligned with the company’s goals.

However, training hasn’t been limited to management roles. Mac3 has implemented specific training modules on communication and leadership to optimize teamwork within departments and further expand the department heads’ skills in communication and personnel management.

At the same time, our technical team attended dedicated project management courses, preparing them to navigate the complexities of challenging projects and integrate agile methodologies such as SCRUM and KANBAN.

Training in Mac3: Value Methodology

Lean Production for Float Switches

Following an in-depth analysis of all our operations, Mac3 adopted the Lean production approach, involving the departments involved in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

On-the-job Lean Production training for float switch manufacturing
On-the-job Lean Production training

This operational philosophy has allowed Mac3 to further refine the production process of key devices in the float switch family, ensuring a higher quality standard and precise, reliable liquid level control.

By the end of 2024, Mac3’s goal is to complete the Lean training program for all production staff. This strategic investment in advanced skills aims to improve the production process of float switches and helps us maintain highly efficient operations and quickly respond to customer demands, providing customized, high-quality solutions.

We also integrated specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to bring the Mac3 team together with a shared goal: designing and manufacturing devices such as the float switch for pumps. Additionally, the Value Methodology training module played an essential role: it helped us analyse production processes by actively including the staff in all development stages and involve them in brainstorming sessions for further optimisations.

The Future of Mac3: Innovation, Internationalization, and our Vision of Excellence

Investing in training and transitioning to Lean Production helped Mac3 further strengthen its positioning as a reliable family-business and international partner, able to promptly respond to the transformations in the water handling sector.

The adoption of agile project management methodologies, focus on commercial innovation, and participation in co-funded internationalization and industrial machinery renewal projects demonstrate Mac3’s commitment to excellence in designing and creating devices for proper water resource management.

Today, our float switches are recognized as dependable, high-quality pieces of equipment. Our devices are chosen daily by Italian and international pump manufacturers and professionals from all over the globe: a testament to the importance we place on active listening and implementing feedback we receive from those who distribute and use our products.

Looking forward, Mac3 aims to be more than just a supplier. Our goal is to become the go-to technology partner for our customers that choose us for our commitment to quality, reliability, and transparency.

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