Elettrosonda Q

Level control unit for conductive liquids.

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Elettrosonda Q

Level control unit for conductive liquids.

Q is a relay for the control of conductive liquid levels, designed for panel mounting on DIN rail (3DIN, 54mm). It’s ideal for wells, tanks, and reservoirs (even under pressure), including applications with rainwater. It uses electrodes called “probes,” powered at low voltage, which, upon contact with the liquid, detect current flow and activate the relay. All of this with very rapid response times. The solution allows monitoring the level in two ways: with two probes for a single level (MAX and COM) or with three probes for a range between a minimum and a maximum (MIN, MAX, and COM).

Q is ideal for tight and deep spaces, as the probes don’t require mechanical movements, and the probe cables have low pressure losses even over long distances. Moreover, the probes are appropriately insensitive to the typical humidity of wells and tanks. Q is available in different sensitivities (NS, AS, SR). Additionally, variants designed for different power voltages are available: 24Vac/117Vac/230Vac.

Designed for

Pumps Pools Turbulent waters Presence of solids and layers of grease on the surface Wastewater, sewage Residential Industry Clean water
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Q is mainly applied in the following contexts:

  1. Tanks and Containers (also under pressure): Monitoring and management of water level(s) in storage tanks.
  2. Basins: Monitoring of water level in basins or ponds.
  3. Wells: Monitoring and control of water level(s) in wells.
  4. Rainwater Storage: monitoring and control of the water level(s) in rainwater storage.


  • Mounting on DIN rail: with standard dimensions of 3DIN (54mm).
  • For tight and deep spaces :thanks to its compact design and the fact that the probes do not require mechanical movements.
  • Various Sensitivity Options: Q is available in various sensitivity options: normal, high for low conductivity liquids such as rainwater, and adjustable.
  • Power Supply Variants: Q is available in variants designed for different power supply voltages, including 24Vac, 117Vac, and 230Vac.
  • High Operational Safety: The proposed probes are slightly sensitive to the typical humidity conditions of wells and tanks, offering high operational safety.
  • Quick Response: Q offers a fast response with a response time of 100 ms, ensuring timely liquid level control.
  • Multiple applications : Q finds application in a variety of contexts, including tanks, basins, wells, and rainwater storage

Technical Specifications

Power Supply

24 – 117 – 230 – 380-415V 50/60hz

Electrode Voltage

10 Vac


on DIN rail, 3 DIN 54mm (Upon request, a 2-module DIN rail version is available for power supply from 24V – 117V – 230V)

Operating Temperature

– 10°C ÷ + 50 °C


Noryl (PPO) UL 94 V0

Protection Degree



90x54x59 mm


200 gr

Max probe cable length

m 70 ÷80(AS-SR) m 1000(NS)

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